Saturday, January 25, 2014

Max Pure Pink Lenses Review

This post was very delayed ><
I'll be reviewing Max Pure Pink circle lenses kindly sponsored by

The packaging

Since the store is based in the US, the shipping only takes about 3-7 days! If you live in California, you can get your products even faster! I didn't see exactly when it arrived because I was in New York but, I do remember that they shipped it before I left and when I came back it was here at my house. ^^ I was only in New York for less than a week.

The receipt

The packaging is so adorable! Eyeamore put a lot of care into the presentation and the packaging. When I opened the envelope the lenses were safely covered in bubble wrap. They also had little packing peanuts for extra security.

The lenses included a free clear case so you can see what lenses they are without needing to open it. 

Natural Light

With Flash


Color: 3.5/5
It's very hard to find good pink lenses because usually the pink color does not show up well on dark eyes. If you're looking for very opaque lenses, unfortunately, these lenses don't show the pink color much. On my dark brown eyes, the pink shows up as more of a dark purple color. The color does show up nicely in natural and bright light. Under indoor light, it looks quite natural because the pink looks a bit brown.

Design: 5/5
The pink design is really soft and subtle so the color blends into your eye quite nicely. The limbal ring, however, is quite strong.

Comfort: 5/5
I didn't have any problems with dryness or irritation when I wore these ^^

Enlargement: 5/5
When I first took these lenses out of the bottles, the lenses looked very big. The size of these lenses are 14.5mm so the will make your eyes look very big and cute. ^^

I've been wearing these lenses for the past few weeks and I have to say I really like these lenses. I love how bubbly and soft the design looks. I usually like more opaque lenses when it comes to unnatural colors like pink. However, for these lenses, I actually like how the subtle color because I can wear these anywhere. The color looks very natural and with the size and ring the lenses will make your eyes look very dolly and sweet.

I flipped it cuz I thought I look better this way LOL

Please check out for more lenses and make up products!

I'll be hosting a giveaway for the same lenses on my facebook really soon c:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dolly Wink (Otana) Review: Diamond Dolly Lashes no.17

Yeah I got back from New York... A while ago lol but I was too exhausted to write or even mention anything from about my trip ahahah. I'm still in vacation mode ; - ; and I'm stressed so I'm avoiding things eek
Anyways I bought a ton of stuff from New York. I didn't even bother keeping track of how much I spent. I don't shop that often so I thought I would just spoil myself this time and cry about how much I spent when I return.

I thought I would do a review on a pair of eyelashes from Dolly Wink's new Otana collection since I'm a huge fan of Dolly Wink eyelashes. Dolly Wink lashes are the only eyelashes I wear for dolly or dramatic looks. ^^  I've read that the Otana collection aims to create a mature and sweet look so I was expecting these lashes to be less dramatic than her first series. Although I mostly wear dramatic makeup looks for pictures, I went ahead and bought them anyway since I've always loved the quality and I wanted to try the new cute lashes myself.

I bought these lashes at a shop in Chinatown called oo35mm which carries a large range of asian makeup and skin care products. I wish there was a shop like this in Boston. The only shop that I know that sells korean and japanese products is Angel Beauty in Chinatown but the shop is WAYYY too cluttered and unorganized. 
Does anyone know how to pronounce oo35mm? I kept laughing at the name cuz I kept saying oooooh35mmmhhhh LOLOL

The packaging design for this series is much more simple than her other lashes.

I didn't even notice the lashes had a black band before buying it! I just liked how the lashes were arranged and quickly bought it.  
As usual with Dolly Wink packages, there are two pairs of lashes and a small tube of Dolly Wink eyelash glue. 

Comparing the lash band

(New) Dollywink #17 Diamond Dolly vs (Old) Dollywink #1 Dolly sweet

You can see how thick the lash band is now. It looks like these lashes would be more durable and last longer. I won't have to be afraid of aggressively peeling off the glue because the lashes won't come loose. I had that problem with the Dolly Sweet ones. I use DUO eyelash adhesive and the glue is hard to take off after a long day of wearing lashes. I've always had to gently peel off the glue from my Dolly Sweet ones because I've had a few lashes slide off at the end of the band.

Since the lash band is black, you must wear a black eyeliner. 
Comparing flexibility, the new band is much less flexible and less comfortable. It's harder to adjust and angle the lashes. I could feel that I'm wearing the lashes sometimes ):

Please don't compare the lash lengths from the picture. I believe I trimmed the Dollywink #1 a bit because they looked way too long on my small eyes. The Dollywink #17 length is actually shorter. 

When worn:

The lashes don't show up well on my eyes >< It just wings out my eyes instead of opening them up for me. I thought it would open up my eyes because the middle lashes are longer.

Overall, these lashes are very good quality and do create a sweet mature look because of it's length and design. I'm happy I have finally found good lashes for my natural looks. ^^ Before I've only used cheap drug store ones. The only thing I don't like is the hard band! ): If you prefer lashes that make your eyes rounder, I would recommend the lashes from the previous collection instead of these.

Have you tried any lashes collection before? What do you think of it?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gold Holiday Makeup Tutorial

I did a quick makeup tutorial that I was suppose to upload days ago but I'm on vacation in NY so I kept forgetting about it eek. I hope you like it ^^ Merry Christmas I hope you all had a good one <3 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Get Aegyo Sal in 2 Steps with One Product | Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Maker Review

What is Aegyo Sal?

I think a lot of people know what an aegyo sal is now because it is a huge trend in Asia. For those who don't know, aegyo sal is the little puff under your eye. It is considered to be very attractive because it gives the face a youthful and innocent appearance. 

Some women are even using fillers or fat grafts to achieve the look. Other than resorting to invasive procedures, girls are using makeup or tape to fake or enhance the aegyo sal. I've always used eyeshadows to create the aegyo sal but I found a much more convenient product!

I've been using Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Maker #01 every time I do my natural makeup because I always want that sweet look without fumbling around with my eye shadows. This product is super convenient to use because everything I need to create the aegyo sal is in one product. 

The shading stick is much thinner than the white. I think the sizes are very good for creating the puff.
The product is also very pigmented so you won't have to spend time constantly swiping at your eye.

How I do it
I like to apply the white part first and then apply the shadow underneath.

I thought the white would be shimmery as the pictures but it's pretty matte. I wish it was a little bit shimmery. ><

With the product:

I really recommend this product to conveniently finish the "ulzzang look"

♥ Natural looking
♥ Quick and easy to apply
♥ Perfect product size for application
♥ Convenient
♥ Water-proof
♥ Lasts long

Nothing really ^^

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Etude House Dear My Blooming + Color Pop Lipsticks Review

I actually planned to do reviews for all the makeup I bought when I was in Korea after I came home but ended up doing them I've been on a total procrastination mode after my vacation T__T I really want to go back and shop and not work or anything -sobs-

I bought a ton of makeup products and clothing there because I don't have to pay for shipping MUAHAHAHA

I think I bought mostly clothing though. I really wanted to buy some skincare products but I couldn't because I couldn't carry liquids onto the plane... ): oh gmarket

I'll be reviewing the lipsticks today~


These lipsticks make my other lipsticks look so plain when it comes to packaging. The packaging is super pretty and unique <3 They pink tubes have a little shimmer to it and is finished with a bow which gives it such a princess feel to them. Color Pop's packaging is a bit plain compared to the other lipsticks. But, the matte white case does make the orange "pop" (: 


The pk013 and or215 are very bright and intense. I love the pigment! The color from the pk007 is much more soft. The or215  is actually my first orange lipstick. I really wanted one for the summer because it looked so fresh and happy. I was afraid the orange would look TOO orange and cartoon like but it's actually a bit natural and sweet looking. ^^

Now is it moisturizing? creamy? These lipsticks are a breeze to apply for me because they are just so creamy and pigmented. However, I don't apply lipstick by dragging it across my lips. I always pat my lipstick on to avoid getting the product in the lip lines. (Am I the only one who does this?) I did try to run the lipstick over my lips and they do drag my lips a bit. So a little moisturizing before application could help you. 

I like that the lipstick have unique scents to it!! The pk007 smells so good GUHHH <3 Smells like berry candy hehehe
The or215 smells a bit orange-y. What else would it smell like lol and the pk013 has a floral scent to it.

The color lasts decently long but you may have to reapply after eating or drinking. I don't really mind the color fading a bit so I don't reapply haha

I did have a problem with the color pop lipstick. I don't know why the metal tube keeps falling out of it's case?? The first time I opened it, it just fell right out and the lipstick smashed on my I just swiped off the part that the floor touched. That's why the tip of the lipstick is missing when you look at the picture LOL

I was feeling vain and tried to take pictures of myself with the lipsticks to mimic the etude house advertisements. (cuz I want to look like them *^*) I thought the pictures would look nicer but my mirror lied to me...My camera showed me I'm not as pretty as I look LOL -crying forever-

OH and I dyed my hair darker recently to get rid of the blonde spots that annoyed me to no end щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
I think I look better with dark hair hehe