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New Makeup Organizers!
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 | 9 comments

Just wanted to share my new makeup organizers that I recently bought. These were so so so necessary for me because if I just kept buying more makeup with the other containers I've been using to store my makeup, I wouldn't even have any room on the top of my drawer! So what I recently bought was a clear makeup drawer, a lipstick holder and a heart organizer. And here they are:

You can find all three of these organizers on ebay! I could've bought something locally like a deep container with a lot of sections but I already had a container with 3 sections and it looks damn messy. I wanted an organizer so I can section my make up easier, to make things look more tidy, to get more buy more stuff LOL

Before and after organizing my makeup:

You can clearly see the difference. 

Okay maybe this wasn't a good picture to show because my makeup was out. But! even if I did put the makeup that was out into the container the container would look messy so yea. It still looks cleaner now!

Now I don't have to throw my makeup in a container and stress about finding it later. yay

I honestly thought I wouldn't need the heart container. I just bought it because it was too cute to resist. I thought I was just going fill it with random things that I haven't put in the other organizers, but it can actually hold my etude house lipsticks! The lipstick holder was too small for the etude house lipsticks. T__T Why you gotta be so fat

For the top drawer, I have foundation powders, concealers, and blushes. Second one has eye makeup. Third one has other eye stuff. I'm keeping my lip makeup in the fourth drawer. And finally for the fifth, just random stuff like tweezers. 

So love these organizers! I can clearly see where things are. I hope I can be less lazy and put my makeup back in the right place hahaha

Oh I know I did an eyebrow tutorial before but since I changed how I do my eyebrows a bit, I made a new tutorial! This time it's on youtube ^^ Please check it out!

I finally organized a space where I can get decent lighting for videos and a camera set up so I can make youtube videos now hehe

My Channel:

Sunday, July 13, 2014 | 8 comments

Just a quick outfit post~

First outfit post on this blog cuz of my blog reset. :c Oh and this outfit wasn't from today. This was probably from two weeks ago but I forgot to put this up. They're nice photos! I have to put them up! 

Really wish I can just take a picture of my outfit in my bedroom mirror but I always put things everywhere. I clean up okay. I just throw things around after so I never see my room. ugh 

I want to move just to have a real big bedroom. I actually live in a room that's suppose to be a tiny living room or maybe dining room so there's a normal door and a huge gaping hole gate thing. I bought a HUGE closet to cover it so it looks like a bedroom. Smart huh -wiggles eyebrows- But it takes up more space! AND I share this room with my cousin. I have 9 people including myself living in this house 

oh where is the space.

Well at least I made my room look like a bedroom I just need to work on keeping it tidy. I also need to work harder for money and move out. YER. I always like seeing other people's bedrooms and houses and dream of a nice big house for myself wahh <3 

So anyways ugly cluttered backgrounds for OOTD posts look so annoying. I can't stand looking at them. I don't want you to run away from my posts eitheeerrrr </3

Wore something girly to go with my hair bow heheh
Dress was from forever21

Hair Bow Tutorial
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 | 15 comments

I got a lot of compliments on my hair so I did a tutorial on it :D bows are just too cute <3

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