Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Review

My new favorite tint! Going to review Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in pink

First, I really don't like the color of my bare lips. I have a little discoloration on my lips and I always feel so self conscious about it. 

I don't think people really notice it but still damn you people with your even colored lips hnfkjnsdlkjnfkls

Really love lip tints because they are quick to apply and even them out nicely. ^^ Another reason why lip tints are awesome is because I don't really feel like I have anything on my lips. 
Feels natural <3 

Applying lipsticks or other lip products always makes me cautious to not have my lips touch things. I feel really icky if I see my lipstick or w/e on my food or my glass. Bleh. Other products can fade too. Most of the lip tints I have lasts all day!

I haven't tried the one in orange yet so I'm not sure about the color. For the pink one, I was afraid it was going to be a hot pink when I first saw the stained wand sponge. But nope! It created a very soft and natural pink on my lips.

Before this tint, I would use the Dear Darling Neon Tint also from Etude House (If you love me please buy everything from Etude House for me - oh and VS ty<3) I think Dear Darling color is more pop-ish and the cherry tint color is toned down and natural. Should probably do a comparison post next, yes?

Feels creamy
Smells yummy
Perfect natural shade
Quick to apply
Lasts Long
Short tube so it's easy to carry anywhere

♡ Nothing

natural lighting

natural lighting

natural lighting

with bright light~

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Just a quick outfit post~

First outfit post on this blog cuz of my blog reset. :c Oh and this outfit wasn't from today. This was probably from two weeks ago but I forgot to put this up. They're nice photos! I have to put them up! 

Really wish I can just take a picture of my outfit in my bedroom mirror but I always put things everywhere. I clean up okay. I just throw things around after so I never see my room. ugh 

I want to move just to have a real big bedroom. I actually live in a room that's suppose to be a tiny living room or maybe dining room so there's a normal door and a huge gaping hole gate thing. I bought a HUGE closet to cover it so it looks like a bedroom. Smart huh -wiggles eyebrows- But it takes up more space! AND I share this room with my cousin. I have 9 people including myself living in this house 

oh where is the space.

Well at least I made my room look like a bedroom I just need to work on keeping it tidy. I also need to work harder for money and move out. YER. I always like seeing other people's bedrooms and houses and dream of a nice big house for myself wahh <3 

So anyways ugly cluttered backgrounds for OOTD posts look so annoying. I can't stand looking at them. I don't want you to run away from my posts eitheeerrrr </3

Wore something girly to go with my hair bow heheh
Dress was from forever21

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bye Blonde! Hello PINK!

Nah, I'm not gonna dye my hair

I've been really wanting to change my hair to some crazy unnatural color since I'm blonde now though. But, I feel like I'll have the urge to keep dyeing my hair once I do since I want 25414+ different colors. To save money and my hair, I think I will just edit when I'm bored with blonde. If anyone sees me with pink hair in my future pictures, it will be photoshopped.

cuz I really want pink hair. Or purple.

I even have pink dye waiting in my closet... I'm sorry dye I think I will save myself before I start a possible cycle of destruction and wallet chomping.

I'll end up having a ton of colors in my hair and then shave my head from the utter annoyance of uneven and dry hair. JK But, I really could not stand having uneven brown hair last year. I would cry when I had to take pictures

I've already tried editing one of my photos and it looks super pretty. *0* I think this is a good idea if you're a blonde camwhore and you want your photos to look even more awesome. Go bleach your hair blonde for never ending cool hair. Bleaching is the prerequisite for crazy colors anyway and editing is free!

Right? Right!?

Your welcome.




You can't tell me that doesn't look cute. 
My roots shouldn't look like that but this is just an example okay. LOL

After editing one of my photos, I was like MUST DO EVERY PICTURE jskdfkjnsdlf
I didn't have the patience to do more after my third picture just cuz I'm lazy. The editing is still pretty easy to do. I made a mini tutorial for my blondies :3

Open your picture in photoshop

Make a new layer

Pick your desired hair color

Outline your hair and go over the small hairs with the brush tool

Fill it in

Lower the fill of the color and your done!~

Cute hair for free woo
If you have roots I suggest to erase the color from your roots cuz it will look weird like my picture. I know I should've erased it SHUSH :C

What color would you change your hair color to? mines def pink just because it's so eye catching and girly

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Most of My Posts Are Gone (Google's Fault...kinda)

In case you were wondering where my posts have gone. They were deleted cuz I couldn't recover my old pics.

If you ever find pics on your google account and you have a blog on blogspot don't delete them. It deletes the pictures on your blog. I didn't know blogspot photos were connected to google! I only thought it was connected by followers. I uploaded pics to have them stay on blogspot not to have google have them kjsnhdklfnlskfd.

I probably should've looked through my photos and saw that there were photos that were only uploaded to my blog.

Oopsie. They should make a warning for careless people like me.

R.I.P. photos. 

R.I.P. posts

you will be missed

not really

I look better as a blonde. But all my time and effort though. Ouch :c

Oh and R.I.P. black hair 

-inserts old pic for memories-

jk it's a wig

I don't have most of my old pictures because I got a new computer :'D

I'll be blogging more

Come back often

Even though I have abandoned this blog way too often SORRY -cries-

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hair Bow Tutorial

I got a lot of compliments on my hair so I did a tutorial on it :D bows are just too cute <3